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Technology Guide its a great reference tool, that has all the information, tips, hints, guides, manuals of any Technology Gadgets like tvs, dvd players, blu rays to sofware like microsoft excel, word, outlook, mac os x and even a huge Iphone user tips guide. all this knowledge for free, there will be no subscription fee, just get the app the and all this useful and productive knowledge will be yours. our online database its frequently been updated with topics so every you will see more and more information to help you from excel formulas, mac tips to audio and video guides. you can search in our database by search terms or navigate trough categories hierarchy:

  • Software
  • Mac
  • Windows
    • Microsoft Excel.
    • Microsoft Word.
    • Microsoft Powerpoint.
    • Microsoft Outlook.
  • Linux
  • Iphone/Ipod/Ipad
  • Hardware
    • TroubleShooting.
  • Technology Gadgets
    • TVs.
    • Video Players.
    • Audio Systems.

and additionally as an extra bonus.

  • Get news from Tom's Hardware, technogadgets ...
  • Storage Media calculator (Calculate how many devices such as USB flash drives,External Hard Disk,DVDs you need to save data)
  • Download Transfer Calculator (Calculate how much time a file transfer can take)


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