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Phototools its the ultimate photo editing tool for Apple mobile devices like Iphone, Ipod Touch or Ipad with Phototools it's really easy to edit, find, upload, share, store photos on your facebook.

You can crop, rotate, and resize images, improving decorating your facebook photos right on your Iphone, Ipod Touch or Ipad. With this amazing app you can change the image properties like brightness or the color intensity (red,green,blue).

with Phototools Your original picture will always be safe, because you can choose to work with the modified or the original version. You can also send the modified or the original version on a email as an attachment or publish on your facebook.

It's a really easy to use app, you just find the image that you are looking with our power-full search tool, were you can filter by image title, comments or owner, then you modified the image as you like and it's done for share or save it on you photo library or publish on facebook

The image editor in FBPhototools let you modify in a really easy way your images with the multi-touch technology and also let you have fun adding clip arts like: moustache, wig, glasses or a hat on your photos.

With this app you can: - Share the photo to Facebook, Email, Picasa ... - Print your photo.

  • Open and Modify any photo in your Ipad photo library.
  • Crop, resize your photos
  • Add the following effects : Sepia Tone,Gray Scale Tone, Color Adjust, Flip Image, Superimpose Images,Add Clip Arts,,Blur, Set up Brightness, Add Text, Invert Colors.
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