Time to make your business mobile


Our products are well thought out, robust and scalable. Are aimed at ensuring taht your business can scale and take the advantage of the internet easily quickly and reliably

we have a variety of solutions like:

  • Survey Platform a highly flexible and scalable survey system integrated with different mobile devices like iphone, android, blackberry, nokia etc...

  • Mobile Tracking it's a real-time global positioning tracking platform via Google Maps, using GPS devices such as mobile phones or GPRS modems.

  • Media content manager Media management platform with audio and video playback and recording capabilities

  • Video Storage platform

We have a variety of popular paid and free Apps featured on the iTunes App Store and Android market as:

PersonalTest VDOSearch PhotoTools Book Shopping
The Iq, Carrier, Aptitude and Color test kit app The ultimate video search app for Google, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Others The Facebook Photo Editing Tool App Book Searching tool for prices, stores, review and preview
Product Shopper Technology Guide Crazy Sounds Music Rankings And Events
Get best prices, stores, reviews for products a huge knowledge technology database in your hands the best and the biggest collection of crazy and funny sounds Kown the latest hit songs and musical events arraound the world